Opiate Helpline

Opiate Helpline and the Information You Need

Opiate Helpline provides assistance to addicts suffering from an opiate addiction and may require treatment. Call today to speak to a treatment professional who can guide you to the proper option to best assist you.

Opiates belong to the group of drugs called downers, which has been named after the sticky resin that comes from the seedpod of the opium poppy. Opium, morphine, codeine, methadone, pethidine and heroin are some of the opiates that are considered to be extremely addictive. It is just a myth though that the addiction happens only when one uses intravenous injection of the drugs. Lack of pain or analgesia is one of the biggest symptoms because opiates are depressants. They depress the feeling of pain by slowing down messages in the central nervous system of an individual. The addiction is also because of the cotton wool feeling of tranquillity, relaxation and sedation, often caused by conversion from heroin to morphine in the brain.

When to call opiate helpline?

Actually you can call the helpline whenever you feel there is drug abuse trouble. If you are the one suffering from the addiction or you know someone who is suffering from it, you can call the opiate helpline to find out about the immediate steps. You can also confirm the possible symptoms that will indicate an addiction to opiates in a person. Although these vary to some extent, the general ones include an agitated mind, insomnia, depression, getting annoyed easily, muscle cramps in the abdomen, vomiting and diarrhoea along with loss of appetite and excessive cravings. Moreover, one can also contact the helpline for questions related to risks. For example when addicts share needles, they can contract dangerous diseases like HIV/AIDS, skin infections and hepatitis too. In fact, one can call the helpline to even find out about needle sharing centers.

Short term and long term affects of withdrawal

One can also call the helpline to understand about the short term and long term effects in people who are planning to quit opiates. While the short term symptoms lead to the weakening of the person and subside within a week, there are long term symptoms of a graver intensity like anxiety and insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic depression and sustained periods of agitation. When pregnant women or women with newborn babies take the drug, they could harm the baby while breastfeeding. In fact, even over the counter medications can prove dangerous which is why talking to a helpline is very important.

Finding the best rehab centers

Opiate addiction treatment is considered to be very difficult, which is why most rehab centers try to manage it first. A lot of rehab centers have their own helpline services that are open all day, all through the week. Such centers can talk an addict through treatment plans which are highly individualized and therapies that will help deal with the withdrawal symptoms. One-on-one counselling, guidance and confidential assistance is offered to addicts to assist them to fight off the addiction. In fact, even substitution treatment is tried out so that the stronger addictions can be cured first after which the substitution drug can slowly be tapered off as well.

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